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Arbois Vin Jaune 2011



 A blend from three of the Domaine's different terroirs: En Sauvagny, En Mailloche and Les Bruyères.

Soil of grey Lias marl.

Vines predominantly south-east facing.


Vinification and Ageing

The grapes are mostly hand-picked. Pneumatic pressing. Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation take place in a tank.

Six years and three months' ageing in barrels in well-aired attics, which leads to the evaporation of approximately 38% of the Savagnin. During ageing, a veil of yeast develops, transforming the Savagnin into Vin Jaune.

Jacques Tissot's Tasting Notes


Strikingly deep golden yellow.

An exceedingly intense and aromatic nose with distinctive notes of walnuts, almonds, nutmeg and caramel.



Full and powerful on the palate with pronounced, long-lasting flavours of fresh walnuts, curry, and nutmeg.


Ageing Potential

30 years or more.


Wine and Food Pairing

Walnuts and Comté, coq au vin jaune, or any oriental dishes with curry or saffron.

Best served between 14 and 16°C.

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A subtle blend of Chardonnay and Savagnin. Oxydative ageing, a characteristically Jurassian wine.


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L'abus d'alcool est dangeureux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.

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