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Arbois Vin de Paille 2012



A selection of grapes from several plots of our oldest vines.

A blend of Chardonnay, Poulsard and Savagnin.

Vines predominantly south-east facing.


Vinification and Ageing

Vin de Paille (literally straw wine) is the fruit of a rigorous selection of the best bunches of grapes. Spread out on trays on a bed of straw, the grapes dry out over three to four months in well-aired attics.

The pressed grape must is naturally very rich in sugar, often over 320 g/litre.

100 kg of grapes give 20 litres of juice compared with 77 litres for normal wine.

After fermenting slowly in a cool cellar, the wine is aged in 600-litre wooden tuns for at least three years.

Jacques Tissot's Tasting Notes


The nose is concentrated and voluptuous, with stunning aromatic complexity starting with truffles, and evolving towards dried fruits: apricots, figs and prunes with notes of honey and caramel.



A velvety mouth with a just hint of acidity which balances beautifully with the sweetness.

The aromatic complexity of the nose is replicated on the palate, with an additional touch of quince jelly.


Ageing Potential

From 15 to 30 years.


Wine and Food Pairing

To be drunk as an aperitif with foie gras or Roquefort, or with desserts.
Best served between 7 and 8°C.

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